Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fukushima ~The Last Episode: True Fukushima~【動画付き英語ニュース】|Chu! PRESS|福島中央テレビ



Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fukushima ~The Last Episode: True Fukushima~【動画付き英語ニュース】

Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fukushima ~The Last Episode: True Fukushima~【動画付き英語ニュース】
Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fukushima

~The Last Episode: True Fukushima~ 
The Tokyo Olympics have now finished, which means this is the last episode of this series. In this episode, I would like to show you the real Fukushima, which unfortunately could not be fully expressed or experienced during the Olympics due to the pandemic.

Ten years ago, in 2011, Fukushima Central Television was the only station in the world to capture the moment of the hydrogen explosion at the nuclear power plant, using this very camera. It was such a shocking moment that, throughout the world, it came to define many people’s opinions of Fukushima.

However, Fukushima is so much more than that.
It is the third largest prefecture in Japan, with a current population of 1.8 million people.
There’s so much beautiful nature that differs between the seasons.
There are also many traditions that have been passed down through generations. And so, everyone who lives in Fukushima does so with pride.
Our homeland, which was severely damaged by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident, has gradually recovered.
At this point, Fukushima is the site of advanced high-tech research, such as drone research.
And don't forget! You can eat a lot of delicious fruits and vegetables here.

Fukushima peaches came into the spotlight on social media during the Olympics. The players and coaches who stayed in Fukushima, as well as the foreign media who covered the games, admired the deliciousness of our peaches. Although there is still a misconception by many that Fukushima products are dangerous, the Olympics have shown the world the true appearance, even if it was only a little, of Fukushima Prefecture.

"Everyone, once things settle down in the world, please experience present-day Fukushima’s sites and food. We will welcome you with our warm hospitality. Thank you all for watching, and we’ll see you someday in Fukushima! For now, let me try the hot topic, Fukushima’s peaches! Delicious!"

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