Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fukushima ~Foreign Media’s view of Fukushima~ 【動画付き英語ニュース】|Chu! PRESS|福島中央テレビ



Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fukushima ~Foreign Media’s view of Fukushima~ 【動画付き英語ニュース】

Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fukushima ~Foreign Media’s view of Fukushima~ 【動画付き英語ニュース】
Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Fukushima 

~Foreign Media’s view of Fukushima~
Although the general public from overseas were not able to visit and watch the Tokyo Olympics, members of foreign media were able to visit the venues. 
One such member is Dennis Boxhoorn, a Dutch newspaper journalist. He came to Fukushima not only for the games, but also to see the current state of Fukushima, 10 years on from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
He talked with staff in a local fruit shop, and then tried Fukushima's specialty, peaches.
〇Dennis Boxhoorn, Dutch newspaper journalist 
"If people say it’s safe, I trust them."

(What was your image of Fukushima before you came here?)
"Radioactive. It may be rough to say."
(The nuclear accident occurred 10 years ago, but do you think Fukushima’s global image hasn’t been updated?)
“One afternoon spending here, I have not thought that’s in danger even one second. You need to know things before you judge”

Dennis wrote an article in Dutch explaining that Fukushima's agricultural products are scientifically safe, and that there are no concerns regarding radiation levels in general.
Even though some have said that the message of Reconstruction Olympics has faded, we are extremely grateful to Dennis for visiting Fukushima. And in that spirit, I would like to continue to tell the rest of the world about the current state of Fukushima.

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